Monday, July 30, 2012

New Desk Idea

Around our home, space is always an issue. We seem to "hunt" down a little space. And mark our territory. I don't think small families have this issue. I'm not certain. Being that I've always been from a large family.

As our kids get older, the issues just seem to grow. We need sleep spaces, play spaces, and know homework spaces. Since we moved into our home, the office has always been David's space. He needs it for work. But I had a small desk, and some space in there. A place, for me to go and do work. You know, pay bills, write letters and Thank yous, things like that.

But last year, I started to notice something, I was getting squeezed out. You see, this also happens to be the space, where Marissa and Maribel do their homework. Mostly because it's quiet. And the younger kids know, it's off limits.

Their little desks moved in. Mine got harder and harder to get to. I wondered if I'd ever have a little "space" again. While I was browsing through Pinterest the other night, I came across this picture.

And it's given me some ideas. We have 2 large closets in our den. One that we don't really use. I talked to David about this. Showed him this picture. And instantly, he started sketching some ideas.

Looks like this mommy is getting a new "space." That's all hers. :) Honestly, this setup is much better than the one I previously had. Don't tell anyone. But maybe just maybe, this will also help me stay organized. Goodness, I can't wait to get started!!