Monday, June 28, 2010

Typical Summer in the Desert

June was horrible! It was all about the typical summer heat in the desert. Horribly hot. My girls wanted to play outside. But we couldn't take the heat. The AC was on 24/7. And around 8pm, we'd all head outside to our pool. In all honesty, the only cool time of day was between 6-8am. My girls and I lived for that time of day. And then, we all took 4 hour naps in the middle of the day.

Now, it's nearly July. The Monsoon Season is beginning. And the typical dry and hot summer days are turning quickly into muggy stormy evenings and nights. I love it! So do our kids. Because the temps have dropped at least 15 degrees in the past week. It means mornings spent outside. Playing and gardening. Even the twins are enjoying it. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Daddy Bear

Dear David,

First of all, Happy Father's Day! I'm so proud of you! I knew all those years ago, that I had met the most amazing man I could ever dream up. But you have become an even more amazing man since we've had our kids. I still remember the day we found out we were expecting Marissa. Our entire lives changed!

Over the years, you've been so amazing. Taking a break from your career to allow me to follow my dreams. I know those are the years that you became an even better man and daddy. Marissa and Maribel were very lucky to spend so much time with you.

I know that the last year, I really tried to make you feel a little guilty. Because Baby #4 turned into twins. When we already had 3 daughters...under 4. But I'm glad you convinced me to try for just 1 more baby. Because now our family is complete. And we're all so happy.

The last few months, well they've been tough. Just learning how to balance our 3 girls and our new twins. But I have you. And that's all I need. My heart just swells every time I see you playing with the girls. Honestly, I love Sundays. I just love walking in and watching you and Marissa watching the race. You 2 are so into it. Marissa asking 1001 questions, you patiently explaining all the answers.

Maribel is always going to be your "Daddy's Girl." No doubt in my mind. I hope our other kids don't get too jealous. But there are not many dads that would sit down and try to polish their little girl's nails pink. With extra sparkles. And then endure a tea party, dressed in crazy hats and necklaces. Then there are you and Mariella. The perfect duo. Full of energy and exploration. I can always count on the 2 of you to come up with the perfect jokes when I need them.

Our twins. I don't even know where to begin. I know no other dad that is so happy to change diapers, give baths, and just make their babies smile. I know that Marianna's smile grows 10X's the size when she hears her daddy's voice. That little girl is so in love with her daddy. And David Jr. The boy is going to be so lucky to have you as a role model. I hope he turns out just like his daddy. No doubt, he has a great teacher in you.

I'm very lucky that you fell in love with me. And I'm so proud of our 5 babies. All made with love. All perfect in their own little ways. We're the lucky ones. We have you as our "Daddy Bear." There is no one else I would want to be on this journey with. I love mi amorcito! I hope your day is wonderful. You deserve everything and anything your heart desires.

Con amor,

Sals, Marissa, Maribel, Mariella, Marianna, and David Jr.