Friday, September 10, 2010

French Braid Updo

David is at work. Marissa is at school. Maribel is at dance practice. Mariella is sitting here with me. And the twins are napping. Mommy Love needed a little break. :)

So we're watching some YouTube videos. And I found this one...

I just love this hairstyle! So cute. I have such straight hair. And I don't do much with it. Because I don't know what to do with it. I've always had this problem. It was much more of an issue when I worked. But now that I stay home with my 5 kiddos, well it's usually down. Or in a bun. Or something like that.

But David and I are going on a date night soon. So I was looking for some nice things to do. I'm trying to make an effort at looking nice for my dear husband. My plan is to practice this at nap time this afternoon. I really want to try this for our date night. :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Marissa's 5th Birthday

Dear Marissa,

We can't believe that you're already 5 years old! Where did all the time go? You're already such a big girl. I still remember the day you were born. The day you made us parents. That beautiful smile that we've grown to love, that was the first day we got to see it. :)

You have taught us so much in the last 5 years. So much about love. And patients. About answering the never ending questions. And loving all things pink and NASCAR. Yes, our little girl, you've taught us more than we've taught you. It's just that simple.

I know. You're a big girl. I see it every week. The way you take care of your little sisters and brother. And yes, you're still working on "loving him." But we're getting there. We just love watching you grow. How excited you get to go to school or your "biolin" lessons. The love you have for church. And dancing is your life. It's amazing to sit and watch.

But most of all, we're just happy and grateful for you happiness and health. It's something we'll never take for granted. It's been 5 years since we welcomed you into the world. 5 very short years! But were has the time gone?

All we want is for you to grow up and be happy. I'm not sure were the years are going to take us. Or how the journey is going to be. But we're excited! And ready for it. We just want for you to continue to grow and be such a happy ninita! Feliz Cumpleanos! :)

Con amor,

Mommy Love and Daddy Bear

Friday, August 6, 2010

Planning for 2

I'm sitting here, completely blank. I have no clue what we're going to do for Marissa and Mariella's birthdays. Marissa wants another Dale Jr. party. Mariella, I'm thinking something with animals. But I don't know. And David, he's insisting that we need to have 2 separate parties.

So I'm sitting here trying to think about it. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave them here. I need them. I don't have a clue what to do. It makes me wonder about March...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Play Doh

I'm pretty sure my parents hate me. They bought our girls this big pack of Play Doh. And today, I was trying to be a good mom. I let them play with it. Like always, Maribel played nicely. She didn't mix the colors. Or put the Play Doh in the grass or dirt. She didn't throw it into the pool. No, that would be Mariella.

We played outside with the Play Doh. Because I didn't want to find it in our carpet, on the curtains, or in the furniture. So after 2 hours, we headed back in. All Play Doh was confiscated. Put away in the garage. Out of my little girls' reach.

Then after bedtime, I found it. In the carpet. Blue Play Doh in our light carpet. And I couldn't get it out. Good thing David is patient. After the clean up, we went to sit on the couch. Watch some TV. Pink Play Doh was between the cushions. How does this happen? I know I took it all away from Mariella.

I'm wondering, did she hide some? Is she just trying to drive her mom crazy? What's up? Note to all grandparents, no Play Doh, markers, finger paints, etc. Not until our youngest 2 are at least 4. Then we might be able to deal...

Urban Rain Giveaway

Nothing says girly goodness like this shop, Urban Rain. And My Cakies is hosting a giveaway for them. For a $25 gift certificate! I'm sure I could get lots of hair bobbins for my girls. 4 girls...they like their hair accessories!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Made Me Laugh

I seen this commercial this morning and it made me laugh. I think David wanted to cry. But as you all know, we have 5 kids. Our last 2, being twins. And the color system, it's been in place since our 2nd daughter was born.

Everything is color coded. Their towels, blankets, and sometimes clothes. I'm just trying to keep up with them here. But this commercial just made me laugh. I hadn't yet thought about the day we have to buy them all school supplies. And how are they going to keep it all organized. I'm hoping, there are our 5 colors that we use.

And why exactly did David want to cry? Because we made the decision to send our kids to Catholic School. Why? Because the public school system here, it really is not good. And the Catholic Schools are really good. Secondly, our religion is really important to us.

That means, we spend less money on other things. Like toys and vacations. But it was a family decision. One that we're very happy we made. But Marissa is starting her 3rd year of pre-school there. And I have to admit, it's pretty costly. Not crazy, but that's money we could use in other areas. Just wait until next summer when we are facing 2 tuitions.

So this commercial, it's just a reminder of what we are going to face in our future. Not that we have triplets. But 5 kids, 2 twins, isn't that crazy enough? But you have to love the color system. It still allows for creativity and individuality. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010


Friends are pretty amazing. They're right there when you need them. You never have to ask for them. You never have to tell them what's wrong, they're just there.

On Friday, both of our older girls had events to go to. My parents were taking my grandma to the doctor. David's parents were busy. David had to work. And well, these days, it's tough for me to get out of the house. Breastfeeding twins is a FULL TIME JOB! But I do love it.

Maribel asked her Nono (Albert) to take her to her dance performance. And Marissa called up her Tia Bonita (Lola.) She had a field trip to the park and the museum. Tia Bonita immediately said yes. I know it was going to be tough for her. Being that she was supposed to be across the country. But she came.

And our girls had a blast! Maribel did so good. And Albert even recorded it for us to watch. :) Marissa had a great time too! And she even talked Tia Bonita and Tio Berto into taking them out for pizza. From what I hear, Marissa "bought" Maribel dinner. She has a bunch of those free pizza coupons from school. Because my daughter reads and reads. The coupons are their rewards.

But we've got some pretty amazing friends. This is just 1 example of our amazing friends. I never used to understand the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." But now, I know that is true. There are so many things our kids would miss out on.

Our friends are always doing things like this. Borrowing our kids to go to the library, store, or the park. Papa Memo coming and picking up our girls to take them for a sleepover and cooking. The girls really enjoy that.

But then there are things like when Lola comes over for a visit. And I'm looking like a "hot mess." Just ready to fall apart. And she tells me to hand over my screaming babies. Mariella is running around, Marissa is asking a million questions, and Maribel is quietly playing. That's a pretty average day around here.

Lola sends me to my room to just collect my thoughts. And she is wonderful with my kids. By the time I come back out, my bigger girls are happily coloring. And my twins are laughing away in their little chairs. How she does it, I'll never know. But Lola really does need to have children.
She just knows that I need some time. And she gives me 5 minutes. Heck, one time I took a nap. A 2 hour nap. And the kids and Lola were just having a good time. That's what good friends are. People who come running to you when you need help. They're there for you during the good times and the bad.

David and I are so lucky to have amazing friends. All of our friends. But especially Albert, Memo, and Lola. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I know I couldn't survive most days without you. Your friendship means the world to me!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Typical Summer in the Desert

June was horrible! It was all about the typical summer heat in the desert. Horribly hot. My girls wanted to play outside. But we couldn't take the heat. The AC was on 24/7. And around 8pm, we'd all head outside to our pool. In all honesty, the only cool time of day was between 6-8am. My girls and I lived for that time of day. And then, we all took 4 hour naps in the middle of the day.

Now, it's nearly July. The Monsoon Season is beginning. And the typical dry and hot summer days are turning quickly into muggy stormy evenings and nights. I love it! So do our kids. Because the temps have dropped at least 15 degrees in the past week. It means mornings spent outside. Playing and gardening. Even the twins are enjoying it. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Daddy Bear

Dear David,

First of all, Happy Father's Day! I'm so proud of you! I knew all those years ago, that I had met the most amazing man I could ever dream up. But you have become an even more amazing man since we've had our kids. I still remember the day we found out we were expecting Marissa. Our entire lives changed!

Over the years, you've been so amazing. Taking a break from your career to allow me to follow my dreams. I know those are the years that you became an even better man and daddy. Marissa and Maribel were very lucky to spend so much time with you.

I know that the last year, I really tried to make you feel a little guilty. Because Baby #4 turned into twins. When we already had 3 daughters...under 4. But I'm glad you convinced me to try for just 1 more baby. Because now our family is complete. And we're all so happy.

The last few months, well they've been tough. Just learning how to balance our 3 girls and our new twins. But I have you. And that's all I need. My heart just swells every time I see you playing with the girls. Honestly, I love Sundays. I just love walking in and watching you and Marissa watching the race. You 2 are so into it. Marissa asking 1001 questions, you patiently explaining all the answers.

Maribel is always going to be your "Daddy's Girl." No doubt in my mind. I hope our other kids don't get too jealous. But there are not many dads that would sit down and try to polish their little girl's nails pink. With extra sparkles. And then endure a tea party, dressed in crazy hats and necklaces. Then there are you and Mariella. The perfect duo. Full of energy and exploration. I can always count on the 2 of you to come up with the perfect jokes when I need them.

Our twins. I don't even know where to begin. I know no other dad that is so happy to change diapers, give baths, and just make their babies smile. I know that Marianna's smile grows 10X's the size when she hears her daddy's voice. That little girl is so in love with her daddy. And David Jr. The boy is going to be so lucky to have you as a role model. I hope he turns out just like his daddy. No doubt, he has a great teacher in you.

I'm very lucky that you fell in love with me. And I'm so proud of our 5 babies. All made with love. All perfect in their own little ways. We're the lucky ones. We have you as our "Daddy Bear." There is no one else I would want to be on this journey with. I love mi amorcito! I hope your day is wonderful. You deserve everything and anything your heart desires.

Con amor,

Sals, Marissa, Maribel, Mariella, Marianna, and David Jr.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Much Love Illy Giveaway

Really? Like I need another temptation? You know, I'm a mom of 4 girls...and 1 boy. Do you know how much my girls would love a few of these headbands and hair pins? I'm just glad that my 3 older girls are having breakfast. And my baby girl is nursing. I might buy out the shop! But thank goodness, Cakies is hosting this giveaway. Head over and enter to win!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brand New Babies!!!

Early this morning, we welcomed our 2 newest additions to Familia G. Marianna and David Jr. are perfect! Our son is truly the baby of the family. Being born 6 minutes after his sister. :)

Our big girls came by to visit their new siblings today. Everyone is so excited! And we honestly have the best friends and family. Who have been watching our big girls.

I can't believe how sore I am. Or how tired I feel. But it was all well worth it! We have 2 precious babies. And David finally got his son. Early tomorrow, well I'll be having a minor surgery. After 5 kids, I know our family is complete. :)