Monday, September 24, 2012

I've Been Inspired

There's something that I've definitely noticed, about being a mom. I've let my "fashion" sense go. You're not going to be seeing me wearing high heels. Most days, I'm just plain lucky, to get dressed, comb my hair, and brush my teeth. I know. Mommyhood, just isn't glamorous.

But I've been inspired. I see my friends, like La Chiquitita, Linda, Manders, and Rachael, that just have it all together. La Chiquitita has no excuses. All the time!! I've seen her so sick, she can barely walk, but the mujer has her lipgloss on, nails polished, and some cute little outfit on. Even if it's sweats, and a t-shirt. She's always pulled together!

Linda is sicker than can be. She's expecting her 2nd daughter this December. But every time that I see her, she look adorable! Manders, well what can I say? I've never seen her, not put together. Even after she had her twins. No lie! I waddled into her room, and she looked perfect. With lipgloss and all.

Mrs. Rachael, well she also inspires me. Her husband has been gone for months. Fighting wildfires. He comes and gos. But is mostly gone. She's got 2 little boys, and a baby girl. But honestly, she always has it together. Hair, makeup, clothes. Even the cutest accessories.

Can you see why I'm inspired? Well, that's not even the half of it! While I was searching for some yummy recipes on Pinterest, I came across Sheaffer. Who has some great taste! Oh, and she also happens to have a cute Fashion Blog. Not the "usual" type. More of a regular mom, type. Something I can relate to.

This my friends, is one of my favorite outfits on her blog. Especially during this time of year. In the desert southwest. Let me tell you, it can be a little confusing, as in what to wear. Well, I'm going to try this out. This week, for my boys' soccer game!

I'm positive, that I have that same tank top. From Target! In fact, I have it in like 4 colors. :) Who doesn't own a pair of dark wash jeans? I have a brown belt, and some awesome wedge, tan sandals. I got them on clearance for $5!! At Old Navy. That was shocking. As they never have anything in my size, on the clearance rack. :)

Don't laugh, I even have a hat like that!! Which I'm totally going to wear. One, because I haven't worn it since our vacation last summer. Two, I won't have to worry about my hair. :) Shhh, don't tell anyone!

I will however, have to search out some of that "antique gold" jewelry. Love it! Love that my girl, loves to sport it. But I'm positive, I don't own any of it. :( I guess, I will just have to do a little shopping this week.

Honestly, that will be a blessing to all. I really do, have to buy some new clothes. I know! Sorry friends. But this is my pledge, to trying to look better. Taking a little more time for me, and well anyone that I come in contact with.

Thanks to all the ladies that have inspired me!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We're Back....

And I'm exhausted! Marissa did well. Heck, all our kiddos did well. Great actually. Between flights, long days at the conference, and crazy schedules....we didn't just survive. We learned. Had fun. Oh, and put on a great show!!

Now we're home. And I'm so exhausted, our are bags are still sitting in the garage. Except Maribel's. But we all know her. She had to put everything away. Immediately! Mommy? Not so much. I've just been trying to get everyone, back into their schedules.

For example, this afternoon/night are going to be nuts!! I pick up the big girls from school, get them to dance practice. Manage some quick snacks in there. Pray and hope everything gets done. Pick up the girls. Make it to the soccer fields in time. Oh, and dinner....

I bet you're wondering about our dinner. So am I!! I found this recipe a few weeks ago. Right now, it's bubbling away. And smells pretty wonderful!! This morning, David made some tostada shells, and pico de gallo. I'm making guacamole in a bit. And well, our crock pot will be heading to the fields with us.

It does look tasty. And let me tell you, it smells yummy!! I'm also packing some fruit. And perhaps, we might stop for ice cream. You know, after the soccer game. Speaking of, when did life get so busy? When did my youngest, decide soccer was his life? I'm starting to really feel like, a mommy of 5!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mountain Dew Fun

I guess you should know a few things. Marissa is a bit obsessed with Mountain Dew. I'm going to say, it's because of this hombre. But it's the honest truth! We don't let our kiddos drink soda. Almost never. For Marissa's birthday, she's allowed 1 can of soda. Which is ALWAYS Mountain Dew. Hands down. I never have to wonder.

The kid is beyond obsessed. Her Tia Bonita bought her a Mountain Dew lipgloss. The thing lasted days. Because my daughter, constantly put it on. She's sorta in love here.

Sometime around Spring, I noticed this picture on Pinterest. It peaked my interest. And I just knew, I'd come back to it. And boy, did we ever!!

I can honestly say, we've tried this "Mountain Dew paint," more than 20 times, this Summer! I'm sure, David was wondering where all this Mountain Dew was going. Until one Saturday, he came home between gigs. To find us "painting" our back patio.

Let's just say, this is fun for more, than just the kiddos!! And I don't have to worry about Chente....or my kiddos eating it. But it's definitely fun to play with. And my kiddos absolutely love making our patio "glow."

Friday, September 7, 2012

It's Friday

And it's been one looong week!! That's funny. Being that we started the week with a holiday. I guess, we just never fell into our schedule this week. And it's made for a very long week!

And I just feel like making a little surprise, for my kiddos. It's well documented, that I'm not a good cook, or baker. But you know, even I can make these.

Don't they look delicious? And come on, even my little moody princess, should enjoy these. After school. But before dinner. I'm sure, I'll have to hide a few for David. :)

Speaking of Marissa, I'm praying for both of us. We have 3 days. 3 days people! I hope she's able to control herself. Or the 2 of us, will be staying home for the week. Las Vegas, I really do miss you! So everyone, please say a little prayer for Marissa and I.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just For Mommy

Life is getting into a nice little routine. The girls are loving school. Which honestly, isn't a big surprise to me. I still can't believe I have a kindergartner, and a 1st grader. When did this happen?

Silently, I'm excited that Mariella, decided not to go to pre-school this year. I'm being a little selfish here. But I'm happy that she's home, with the twins and I. At least for one more year. And I'm 100% positive that David, is happy too! One less tuition. At least for another year. :)

But our little routine is getting set. Every morning, David and the girls are gone before 7am. Completely ready, to start their days. Yes, they've even had breakfast! I don't know how they do it. Oh, yes I do!! We've managed to keep our little routine from last year.

Somehow, we keep the twins and Mariella in bed. David is up making breakfast. And I'm getting Marissa and Maribel ready for the day. They eat a yummy lunch at school. And I only have to worry about "Snack Days," twice a month.

After they're gone, the twins, Mariella, and I have our breakfast. While enjoying Sesame Street. Yes, in english and spanish!! It's a MUST in our home. :) Honestly, we just enjoy the quiet. It's the only "quiet time" we have, while our kiddos are awake.

We then get ready, and head out. Mariella has gymnastics. And we run a few errands. Before making it home. You know, at the "heat" of the day. Can you believe, we're still have 100+ temps? Ugh! Where is Fall?

When we get home, we typically have lunch. Then my kiddos go down for a nap. I'm a little spoiled here. My kiddos take a 2 hour nap!! Yes, I said 2 hours. During which, I'm finding a little more "Me" time.

Typically, this didn't happen. Just a few months ago, it meant quickly cleaning up the house. Doing piles, and piles of laundry. Just trying to keep up with my kiddos, hubby, and the house. These says, Chente and I have some time to just relax.

I try to catch up on General Hospital. And maybe even The Chew, and The Nate Berkus Show. You know, I have them recorded on tivo. And eventually, they NEED to be watched! All the while, Chente is napping. But I'm starting to feel like I need a hobby. Real bad.

I took to Pinterest. Man, you can get lost there, for hours and hours!! There is so much information and inspiration, on Pinterest. That's where I found this little project...

Before my friends start laughing, yes I'm going to craft! I need a hobby. Something to fill my time. You know, now that all my kiddos are potty trained, can play alone, and have their own activities....mommy's a little bored.

I'm going to make a few of these bangles. Just like this. But in a more "Selena" color pallet. Then maybe some with my kids' names. And a few with cute sayings (things David and I tell each other.)

Are there any crafts out there, that you would recommend? Something for a new "Crafty Mom." Something I can handle. Please let me know! Because it's nice to do fun little things for yourself. You know, every once in a while. Like during those precious 2 hours, every day!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

His First Game

Tonight, our baby boy, became a big boy!! Oh yes he did. :) David Jr. had his first soccer game. I know that I haven't talked about it on here, but for the last few weeks, David has been coaching a soccer team. Of 2 year olds. They are the cutest little things ever!!

I might be a little biased. Being that my son, is on the team. And so is his little buddy! I'm positive, that there weren't 2 prouder mommas. Oh yeah, Rach was pretty proud of Danny too! :) It was a grand time. And something I'm looking forward to every week!

You see, we have 4 little girls. 3 of which, dance and play instruments. No one is into sports. But our son, has wanted to do it all. Since he was so small. He wanted to dance with his sisters, play the trumpet with his daddy, and play futbol!!

It's so nice to see David and David Jr. working at this together. Seeing my husband coaching. And my son, have the time of his life! He's probably thinking, "Finally something for me. All for me. No sisters. No girls stuff. Just me, daddy, and the boys." I can just see his little train of thought. :)

They practice twice a week. And have one game a week. Either on Tuesday or Wednesday nights. And let me tell you, tonight 70% of the people at the game, were there to cheer on my little man!! He loved it! Tia Bonita even sent some presents. Which they adored!! Thanks again Chiquitita.

I'm excited for this new phase of our lives. To see the difference between our girls, and our son. To live on this side of parenting. To enjoy new and exciting things. I'm pretty excited! I know David Jr. is too!! And of course, his 4 biggest cheerleaders. See what happens when you have 4 older sisters. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Something Special

Marissa and Mariella both have birthdays coming up in September. I'm always looking for new ideas. New things to do for them. Something special. Something that makes each one of my kiddos know, they are loved.

I took to my favorite little place, Pinterest. So many good and fun ideas. Some that are just over my skill level. Come on, I don't know how to sew. But some that I know, I can do. This one, being one of my very favorites.

Being a mommy of 5, I know that these things can quickly add up. Believe me, I know! And with 2 daughters, having birthdays less than 2 weeks apart....I always take these things into account. I'm looking for things we can afford, and that are still fun.

Yes, this is a total inspiration for us. In fact, we have a certain 6 year old, that needs a little love right now. I'm 100% positive, that she is going to love something this special!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh Summer!!

I know. Most people love summer. Most kids love summer. MOST. The exception, my daughter. It pains Marissa, when May is winding down. ALWAYS has. Well, it started when she was about 3 years old. It just killed her. I don't know why.

This summer is no exception. Not at all! She was bummed because Papa Memo and Cari Bear were heading to Mexico. All summer long! What the heck was she going to do? Her dear Tia Bonita wasn't going to be spending tons of time here. Oh, and there was our trip.

I don't know what it was. Or why she really hated it. Not all of it. But most of it. Marissa insisted that the trip, was all about David Jr. Truth is, we spent a ton of time planning out a good trip. Well rounded. With things for all of us to do. And enjoy. Honestly, deep down inside, I know our daughter enjoyed the trip.

Most of all, I just think Marissa is having a hard time. You know, growing up. And dealing with her 3 little sisters. And her little brother. Yes, 2 and a half years later, my daughter is still trying to give away her brother.

This summer has been a heck of a time. Marissa has had her beloved Papa Memo, her best friend Cari, her Tia Bonita, her favorite uncle Sancho, and at times, her daddy. It's been a tough one. I think that's why she's been acting out.

Does it make what she does OK? Heck no!! But I can understand it. It's tough. It's been a tough summer. Marissa has been testing my patience. It makes me want to strangle her. Hug her. And cry, all at the same time. It's been a tough summer. One that I wish would just end. For all of our sakes, I wish school started today.

Instead, my daughters have one week of summer left. The part where Summer Camp is over. And school is a week away. The week, most kids love. And never want to end. My daughter, is counting down, until next Monday. Silently, so am I.

You see, not only is our beloved Summer Camp over. Which by the way, has been saving our summer. Well, for the most part. We would have all killed each other, had it not been for Summer Camp. But this week, David is gone. All week long!! Someone please save me and my kiddos.

David sat everyone down. Before he left. And laid out the rules. We reminded Marissa, that she has to be good. Especially, if she wants to go to the conference in Las Vegas. Which, is just about a month from now.

This week, is going to be a long one. One for all of us to pray. Say lots and lots of prayers. I'm afraid of what might happen, if we don't pray. We NEED to pray. For my sanity. For my kiddos. Most of all, for Marissa.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Our family of 7, loves to snack. No, I don't think you understand the reality of that statement. We LOVE to snack!! And I'm always looking for new ideas. Something delicious, fun, easy, and nutritious. You know, I'm supposed to be teaching my kiddos, about these types of things. Good food, being one of them.

We'd been enjoying the same snacks for a while now. Apples with Nutella, cheese melted on apples, granola, oranges with strawberries, carrots and ranch dressing, and a once in a while cupcake. Sometimes, a smoothie.

As you can see, we've been in a bit of a rut. A food rut. So I took to Pinterest for a little inspiration. Boy, I've got some ideas now!! Hopefully, my kiddos like them. :)

There is one "recipe" that I've tried. And that my kiddos love!! No, I mean L-O-V-E!!!! We eat a lot of bananas. But just plain bananas. Nothing too crazy. I think the craziest we get, is mashed bananas and Nutella, on toast. That is delicious!!

But this little idea, is all about a yummy, frozen, chocolate covered banana. With a dash of powdered sugar. Or in our case, I sprinkled them with toasted coconut. I'm not sure who enjoys this snack more. My kiddos, or David and I. Can't lie, I made a batch when the kids went to bed. Um, we may almost be done with it now. Just 20 minutes later! :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

New Desk Idea

Around our home, space is always an issue. We seem to "hunt" down a little space. And mark our territory. I don't think small families have this issue. I'm not certain. Being that I've always been from a large family.

As our kids get older, the issues just seem to grow. We need sleep spaces, play spaces, and know homework spaces. Since we moved into our home, the office has always been David's space. He needs it for work. But I had a small desk, and some space in there. A place, for me to go and do work. You know, pay bills, write letters and Thank yous, things like that.

But last year, I started to notice something, I was getting squeezed out. You see, this also happens to be the space, where Marissa and Maribel do their homework. Mostly because it's quiet. And the younger kids know, it's off limits.

Their little desks moved in. Mine got harder and harder to get to. I wondered if I'd ever have a little "space" again. While I was browsing through Pinterest the other night, I came across this picture.

And it's given me some ideas. We have 2 large closets in our den. One that we don't really use. I talked to David about this. Showed him this picture. And instantly, he started sketching some ideas.

Looks like this mommy is getting a new "space." That's all hers. :) Honestly, this setup is much better than the one I previously had. Don't tell anyone. But maybe just maybe, this will also help me stay organized. Goodness, I can't wait to get started!!