Friday, August 10, 2012


Our family of 7, loves to snack. No, I don't think you understand the reality of that statement. We LOVE to snack!! And I'm always looking for new ideas. Something delicious, fun, easy, and nutritious. You know, I'm supposed to be teaching my kiddos, about these types of things. Good food, being one of them.

We'd been enjoying the same snacks for a while now. Apples with Nutella, cheese melted on apples, granola, oranges with strawberries, carrots and ranch dressing, and a once in a while cupcake. Sometimes, a smoothie.

As you can see, we've been in a bit of a rut. A food rut. So I took to Pinterest for a little inspiration. Boy, I've got some ideas now!! Hopefully, my kiddos like them. :)

There is one "recipe" that I've tried. And that my kiddos love!! No, I mean L-O-V-E!!!! We eat a lot of bananas. But just plain bananas. Nothing too crazy. I think the craziest we get, is mashed bananas and Nutella, on toast. That is delicious!!

But this little idea, is all about a yummy, frozen, chocolate covered banana. With a dash of powdered sugar. Or in our case, I sprinkled them with toasted coconut. I'm not sure who enjoys this snack more. My kiddos, or David and I. Can't lie, I made a batch when the kids went to bed. Um, we may almost be done with it now. Just 20 minutes later! :)

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