Thursday, August 16, 2012

Something Special

Marissa and Mariella both have birthdays coming up in September. I'm always looking for new ideas. New things to do for them. Something special. Something that makes each one of my kiddos know, they are loved.

I took to my favorite little place, Pinterest. So many good and fun ideas. Some that are just over my skill level. Come on, I don't know how to sew. But some that I know, I can do. This one, being one of my very favorites.

Being a mommy of 5, I know that these things can quickly add up. Believe me, I know! And with 2 daughters, having birthdays less than 2 weeks apart....I always take these things into account. I'm looking for things we can afford, and that are still fun.

Yes, this is a total inspiration for us. In fact, we have a certain 6 year old, that needs a little love right now. I'm 100% positive, that she is going to love something this special!!

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