Tuesday, August 21, 2012

His First Game

Tonight, our baby boy, became a big boy!! Oh yes he did. :) David Jr. had his first soccer game. I know that I haven't talked about it on here, but for the last few weeks, David has been coaching a soccer team. Of 2 year olds. They are the cutest little things ever!!

I might be a little biased. Being that my son, is on the team. And so is his little buddy! I'm positive, that there weren't 2 prouder mommas. Oh yeah, Rach was pretty proud of Danny too! :) It was a grand time. And something I'm looking forward to every week!

You see, we have 4 little girls. 3 of which, dance and play instruments. No one is into sports. But our son, has wanted to do it all. Since he was so small. He wanted to dance with his sisters, play the trumpet with his daddy, and play futbol!!

It's so nice to see David and David Jr. working at this together. Seeing my husband coaching. And my son, have the time of his life! He's probably thinking, "Finally something for me. All for me. No sisters. No girls stuff. Just me, daddy, and the boys." I can just see his little train of thought. :)

They practice twice a week. And have one game a week. Either on Tuesday or Wednesday nights. And let me tell you, tonight 70% of the people at the game, were there to cheer on my little man!! He loved it! Tia Bonita even sent some presents. Which they adored!! Thanks again Chiquitita.

I'm excited for this new phase of our lives. To see the difference between our girls, and our son. To live on this side of parenting. To enjoy new and exciting things. I'm pretty excited! I know David Jr. is too!! And of course, his 4 biggest cheerleaders. See what happens when you have 4 older sisters. :)

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