Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just For Mommy

Life is getting into a nice little routine. The girls are loving school. Which honestly, isn't a big surprise to me. I still can't believe I have a kindergartner, and a 1st grader. When did this happen?

Silently, I'm excited that Mariella, decided not to go to pre-school this year. I'm being a little selfish here. But I'm happy that she's home, with the twins and I. At least for one more year. And I'm 100% positive that David, is happy too! One less tuition. At least for another year. :)

But our little routine is getting set. Every morning, David and the girls are gone before 7am. Completely ready, to start their days. Yes, they've even had breakfast! I don't know how they do it. Oh, yes I do!! We've managed to keep our little routine from last year.

Somehow, we keep the twins and Mariella in bed. David is up making breakfast. And I'm getting Marissa and Maribel ready for the day. They eat a yummy lunch at school. And I only have to worry about "Snack Days," twice a month.

After they're gone, the twins, Mariella, and I have our breakfast. While enjoying Sesame Street. Yes, in english and spanish!! It's a MUST in our home. :) Honestly, we just enjoy the quiet. It's the only "quiet time" we have, while our kiddos are awake.

We then get ready, and head out. Mariella has gymnastics. And we run a few errands. Before making it home. You know, at the "heat" of the day. Can you believe, we're still have 100+ temps? Ugh! Where is Fall?

When we get home, we typically have lunch. Then my kiddos go down for a nap. I'm a little spoiled here. My kiddos take a 2 hour nap!! Yes, I said 2 hours. During which, I'm finding a little more "Me" time.

Typically, this didn't happen. Just a few months ago, it meant quickly cleaning up the house. Doing piles, and piles of laundry. Just trying to keep up with my kiddos, hubby, and the house. These says, Chente and I have some time to just relax.

I try to catch up on General Hospital. And maybe even The Chew, and The Nate Berkus Show. You know, I have them recorded on tivo. And eventually, they NEED to be watched! All the while, Chente is napping. But I'm starting to feel like I need a hobby. Real bad.

I took to Pinterest. Man, you can get lost there, for hours and hours!! There is so much information and inspiration, on Pinterest. That's where I found this little project...

Before my friends start laughing, yes I'm going to craft! I need a hobby. Something to fill my time. You know, now that all my kiddos are potty trained, can play alone, and have their own activities....mommy's a little bored.

I'm going to make a few of these bangles. Just like this. But in a more "Selena" color pallet. Then maybe some with my kids' names. And a few with cute sayings (things David and I tell each other.)

Are there any crafts out there, that you would recommend? Something for a new "Crafty Mom." Something I can handle. Please let me know! Because it's nice to do fun little things for yourself. You know, every once in a while. Like during those precious 2 hours, every day!!

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