Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh Summer!!

I know. Most people love summer. Most kids love summer. MOST. The exception, my daughter. It pains Marissa, when May is winding down. ALWAYS has. Well, it started when she was about 3 years old. It just killed her. I don't know why.

This summer is no exception. Not at all! She was bummed because Papa Memo and Cari Bear were heading to Mexico. All summer long! What the heck was she going to do? Her dear Tia Bonita wasn't going to be spending tons of time here. Oh, and there was our trip.

I don't know what it was. Or why she really hated it. Not all of it. But most of it. Marissa insisted that the trip, was all about David Jr. Truth is, we spent a ton of time planning out a good trip. Well rounded. With things for all of us to do. And enjoy. Honestly, deep down inside, I know our daughter enjoyed the trip.

Most of all, I just think Marissa is having a hard time. You know, growing up. And dealing with her 3 little sisters. And her little brother. Yes, 2 and a half years later, my daughter is still trying to give away her brother.

This summer has been a heck of a time. Marissa has had her beloved Papa Memo, her best friend Cari, her Tia Bonita, her favorite uncle Sancho, and at times, her daddy. It's been a tough one. I think that's why she's been acting out.

Does it make what she does OK? Heck no!! But I can understand it. It's tough. It's been a tough summer. Marissa has been testing my patience. It makes me want to strangle her. Hug her. And cry, all at the same time. It's been a tough summer. One that I wish would just end. For all of our sakes, I wish school started today.

Instead, my daughters have one week of summer left. The part where Summer Camp is over. And school is a week away. The week, most kids love. And never want to end. My daughter, is counting down, until next Monday. Silently, so am I.

You see, not only is our beloved Summer Camp over. Which by the way, has been saving our summer. Well, for the most part. We would have all killed each other, had it not been for Summer Camp. But this week, David is gone. All week long!! Someone please save me and my kiddos.

David sat everyone down. Before he left. And laid out the rules. We reminded Marissa, that she has to be good. Especially, if she wants to go to the conference in Las Vegas. Which, is just about a month from now.

This week, is going to be a long one. One for all of us to pray. Say lots and lots of prayers. I'm afraid of what might happen, if we don't pray. We NEED to pray. For my sanity. For my kiddos. Most of all, for Marissa.

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