Monday, September 24, 2012

I've Been Inspired

There's something that I've definitely noticed, about being a mom. I've let my "fashion" sense go. You're not going to be seeing me wearing high heels. Most days, I'm just plain lucky, to get dressed, comb my hair, and brush my teeth. I know. Mommyhood, just isn't glamorous.

But I've been inspired. I see my friends, like La Chiquitita, Linda, Manders, and Rachael, that just have it all together. La Chiquitita has no excuses. All the time!! I've seen her so sick, she can barely walk, but the mujer has her lipgloss on, nails polished, and some cute little outfit on. Even if it's sweats, and a t-shirt. She's always pulled together!

Linda is sicker than can be. She's expecting her 2nd daughter this December. But every time that I see her, she look adorable! Manders, well what can I say? I've never seen her, not put together. Even after she had her twins. No lie! I waddled into her room, and she looked perfect. With lipgloss and all.

Mrs. Rachael, well she also inspires me. Her husband has been gone for months. Fighting wildfires. He comes and gos. But is mostly gone. She's got 2 little boys, and a baby girl. But honestly, she always has it together. Hair, makeup, clothes. Even the cutest accessories.

Can you see why I'm inspired? Well, that's not even the half of it! While I was searching for some yummy recipes on Pinterest, I came across Sheaffer. Who has some great taste! Oh, and she also happens to have a cute Fashion Blog. Not the "usual" type. More of a regular mom, type. Something I can relate to.

This my friends, is one of my favorite outfits on her blog. Especially during this time of year. In the desert southwest. Let me tell you, it can be a little confusing, as in what to wear. Well, I'm going to try this out. This week, for my boys' soccer game!

I'm positive, that I have that same tank top. From Target! In fact, I have it in like 4 colors. :) Who doesn't own a pair of dark wash jeans? I have a brown belt, and some awesome wedge, tan sandals. I got them on clearance for $5!! At Old Navy. That was shocking. As they never have anything in my size, on the clearance rack. :)

Don't laugh, I even have a hat like that!! Which I'm totally going to wear. One, because I haven't worn it since our vacation last summer. Two, I won't have to worry about my hair. :) Shhh, don't tell anyone!

I will however, have to search out some of that "antique gold" jewelry. Love it! Love that my girl, loves to sport it. But I'm positive, I don't own any of it. :( I guess, I will just have to do a little shopping this week.

Honestly, that will be a blessing to all. I really do, have to buy some new clothes. I know! Sorry friends. But this is my pledge, to trying to look better. Taking a little more time for me, and well anyone that I come in contact with.

Thanks to all the ladies that have inspired me!!

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