Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We're Back....

And I'm exhausted! Marissa did well. Heck, all our kiddos did well. Great actually. Between flights, long days at the conference, and crazy schedules....we didn't just survive. We learned. Had fun. Oh, and put on a great show!!

Now we're home. And I'm so exhausted, our are bags are still sitting in the garage. Except Maribel's. But we all know her. She had to put everything away. Immediately! Mommy? Not so much. I've just been trying to get everyone, back into their schedules.

For example, this afternoon/night are going to be nuts!! I pick up the big girls from school, get them to dance practice. Manage some quick snacks in there. Pray and hope everything gets done. Pick up the girls. Make it to the soccer fields in time. Oh, and dinner....

I bet you're wondering about our dinner. So am I!! I found this recipe a few weeks ago. Right now, it's bubbling away. And smells pretty wonderful!! This morning, David made some tostada shells, and pico de gallo. I'm making guacamole in a bit. And well, our crock pot will be heading to the fields with us.

It does look tasty. And let me tell you, it smells yummy!! I'm also packing some fruit. And perhaps, we might stop for ice cream. You know, after the soccer game. Speaking of, when did life get so busy? When did my youngest, decide soccer was his life? I'm starting to really feel like, a mommy of 5!!

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