Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mountain Dew Fun

I guess you should know a few things. Marissa is a bit obsessed with Mountain Dew. I'm going to say, it's because of this hombre. But it's the honest truth! We don't let our kiddos drink soda. Almost never. For Marissa's birthday, she's allowed 1 can of soda. Which is ALWAYS Mountain Dew. Hands down. I never have to wonder.

The kid is beyond obsessed. Her Tia Bonita bought her a Mountain Dew lipgloss. The thing lasted days. Because my daughter, constantly put it on. She's sorta in love here.

Sometime around Spring, I noticed this picture on Pinterest. It peaked my interest. And I just knew, I'd come back to it. And boy, did we ever!!

I can honestly say, we've tried this "Mountain Dew paint," more than 20 times, this Summer! I'm sure, David was wondering where all this Mountain Dew was going. Until one Saturday, he came home between gigs. To find us "painting" our back patio.

Let's just say, this is fun for more, than just the kiddos!! And I don't have to worry about Chente....or my kiddos eating it. But it's definitely fun to play with. And my kiddos absolutely love making our patio "glow."

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